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A2Speed / Ray Barton HEMI Engines

A2Speed & Ray Barton HEMI Engines

Current A2Speed / Ray Barton Engine Specs

A2Speed, in conjunction with Ray Barton Racing engines, is bringing you a whole new line of GEN III HEMI engines. We are currently offering 5 different base builds that will be available in three different configurations. These various specs will be based on 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, and 6.4L GEN III HEMI blocks.

5.7L to 6.4L (392 CID)392 CID (6.4L)3.920"4.080"
5.7L to 6.2L (378 CID)378 CID (6.2L)3.937"3.900"
6.1L to 7.0L (426 CID)426 CID (7.0L)4.080"4.080"
Forged 6.4L (392 CID)392 CID (6.4L)4.090"3.724"
6.4L to 7.0L (426 CID)426 CID (7.0L)4.090"4.050"

The Short Block Assembly Process

Every HEMI we make goes through a very labor extensive process. Each short block will be hand built in the USA by Ray Barton. How the engine is built and the meticulous efforts of the engine builder really determine the overall reliability of your engine. In this industry, experience is paramount and no one has more experience building HEMI's than Ray Barton. He has built high performance HEMI’s for well over 30 years.

The short block creation process starts with a core torn down to the bare block. This core is then cleaned, inspected and then precision measured on a 5 axes Rottler CNC / CMM block mill. Oil galleys are cleaned and prepped, including edge de-burring and chamfering. Cylinder bores are radiused, and the block is stroker clearanced if necessary. Then the block moves to the machine shop where the it is decked, bored and line bored (if necessary) on the CNC machining center. Final block work includes diamond honing the cylinder bores on a CNC honing machine with deck plates. The rotating assembly is balanced, then the block and rotating assembly make their way to final assembly. In this, the studs, main bearings, rod bearings, pistons & piston rings, and connecting rods are all professionally installed maintaining a .005” tolerance. Finally the block is painted and prepped for shipping or building into a long block or crate engine.

Short Block

High Performance HEMI Components

All of our HEMI engines come with top of the line performance components. We found all of the best products on the market today and combined them to make a truly special line of engines. Some manufactures include Molnar, Thitek, CP-Carrillo, Diamond, King Bearings, ARP, Comp Cams, PSI Valve Springs, Commetic, & many others. Each of these manufactures represent countless hours of R&D, and years of experience producing extremely high performance parts for the HEMI community.


We use Molnar 4340 forged crankshafts in all of our HEMI engines. They are heat treated, shot peened, nitrated and 100% mag particle tested. These features greatly improve tensile strength, fatigue life, and wear resistance.

Forged Molnar Crankshaft

Connecting Rods

We use Molnar connecting rods as well. They are also made of a 4340-forged material, shot peened, and heat treated. Like the crank shaft these features improve tensile strength and fatigue life. Another important feature is that all of the Molnar rods we put in our HEMI’s come with a wear resistant bronze bushing to increase wrist pin life. Molnar rods come standard with ARP 2000 rod bolts.

Forged Molnar Connecting Rods


For pistons, we either use Diamond or CP-Carrillo 2618 forged pistons. 2618 aluminum is a malleable low silicone based material that allows the piston to withstand extreme loads such as detonation more effectively. Forged pistons are a must for boosted applications, and particularly for 6.4L engines. These pistons come with steel top rings and optional coatings are available.

Forged CP-Carrillo Pistons

ARP Head and Main Studs

ARP main and head studs are used in all our HEMI engines in an effort to ensure that both the main caps and heads are secured to the engine properly. The studs are made of stronger material that prevents deformation over time. This strength prevents issues such as the heads lifting due to worn out head bolts.

ARP Logo

CNC Ported Heads by Thitek

All of A2Speed engines come standard with CNC ported heads. All of our heads are ported by Thitek, the first company to produce a 100% aftermarket heads for the HEMI community. A2Speed’s CNC ported heads come with high lift PSI valve springs, tool steal retainers, new locators, and Viton valve seals. The Valve guides are hone and performance prepped and a multi angle valve job is performed. Thitek is the best in the business, and has an incredibly intricate understanding of GEN III HMEI head technology.

6.4L CNC ported Heads

High Performance Comp Camshaft

A2Speed engines come standard with a high performance Comp Cam. We match up the appropriate camshaft based on your desired outcomes and intended use for your new HEMI engine. All factors such as lobe separation angle, RPM range, intake and exhaust duration, and lift are taken into account when selecting the appropriate cam for your HEMI.

Comp Camshaft

A2Speed / Ray Barton HEMI Engine Configurations

We offer our motors in 3 different configurations, short blocks, long blocks, and crate engines. A short block comes with the new rotating assembly already installed in the block, and requires the customer to finish installing the remaining components such as the camshaft and heads. A long block is a short block with the timing set, oil pump, heads, and valve train already installed, the customer just has to transfer things like the front cover and engine dress over to complete it. Crate engines come completely assembled with OEM accessories already installed, which is perfect for resto mod guys.

FeaturesHEMI Short BlocksHEMI Long BlocksHEMI Crate Engines
Forged Crank ShaftIncludedIncludedIncluded
Forged Connecting RodsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Forged PistonsIncludedIncludedIncluded
ARP Main StudsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Chromoly Wrist PinIncludedIncludedIncluded
Performance CamshaftxIncludedIncluded
ARP Head StudsxIncludedIncluded
CNC Ported HeadsxIncludedIncluded
High Lift Valve SpringsxIncludedIncluded
Performance Valve JobxIncludedIncluded
Viton Valve SealsxIncludedIncluded
New Oil PumpxIncludedIncluded
New Timing SetxIncludedIncluded
Cometic Head GasketsxIncludedIncluded
New Lifters & YokesxIncludedIncluded
Chromoly PushrodsxIncludedIncluded
New BalancerxxIncluded
New GasketsxxIncluded
Oil PanxxIncluded
Intake ManifoldxxIncluded
Fuel RailsxxIncluded
Throttle BodyxxIncluded
Fuel InjectorsxxIncluded
NGK Spark PlugsxxIncluded
OEM AccessoriesxxIncluded
Warrenty1 Year / 12,000 Miles3 Year / 36,000 Miles3 Year / 36,000 Miles

Interested in Learning More?

Now that you understand a little bit more about our engine program you can find all of our different base HEMI in the links below. We are also happy to build custom engines. If you have preferences for parts other than the ones we use, or you want to have custom parts made specifically for your needs, we are more than happy to help build the car or truck of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800)590-9604, so one of our HEMI experts can answer any questions you may have.

HEMI Short BlocksHEMI Long BlocksHEMI Crate Engines
5.7L to 6.4L (392 CID) HEMI Short Block5.7L to 6.4L (392 CID) HEMI Long Block5.7L to 6.4L (392 CID) HEMI Crate Engine
5.7L to 6.2L (378 CID) HEMI Short Block5.7L to 6.2L (378 CID) HEMI Long Block5.7L to 6.2L (378 CID) HEMI Crate Engine
6.1L to 7.0L (426 CID) HEMI Short Block6.1L to 7.0L (426 CID) HEMI Long Block6.1L to 7.0L (426 CID) HEMI Crate Engine
Forged 6.4L (392 CID) HEMI Short BlockForged 6.4L (392 CID) HEMI Long BlockForged 6.4L (392 CID) HEMI Crate Engine
6.4L to 7.0L (426 CID) HEMI Short Block6.4L to 7.0L (426 CID) HEMI Long Block6.4L to 7.0L (426 CID) HEMI Crate Engine
HEMI Performance Parts

A2Speed has every HEMI upgrade you could imagine. Search through a catalog of our favorite performance upgrades for each engine platform.

HEMI Supercharger

Superchargers are the most cost-effective way of adding horsepower to a modern HEMI engine. We carry many different brands and types of superchargers.

HEMI Crate Engines

HEMI crate engines are a great addition to any “Resto Mod” project. We can find a way to HEMI swap just about any vehicle!


The Home for Ray Barton Racing Engines built GEN III HEMI’s

A2Speed is now providing the HEMI community with the best of the best in regards to engine building companies. Our motors are found in some of the highest horse power GEN III HEMI’s around the country, and are proven to work, and work reliably.

About A2Speed
Quality Products and Services
  • About Us
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  • How We Do It
  • Our Quality
A2Speed is an employee owned automotive performance parts company, specializing in the Gen III HEMI engine and the cars & trucks it powers. Just like you we are Hemi enthusiasts, and like you we are only interested in proven performance solutions. Good enough isn’t. People who invest in performance modifications want parts that last decades, not years. The effort is only valuable if the result is better than good enough, and frankly these days that’s hard to do.

A2Speed’s GEN III HEMI Background

Many of us at A2Speed have been working on the Gen III since its inception. As a team we are immersed in the Hemi world. We own, drive, modify, race and occasionally…break them. We use this experience to create SOLUTIONS, not just parts. Automotive engineering has advanced such that it is often difficult to improve on the work done by the OEMs. Difficult, not impossible. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling, CFD and stress simulations coupled with rapid prototyping, allow for the development of specialized parts that would be impractical at OEM volumes. Solutions validated with real world testing. Craftsmen level quality; and because we don’t have the layered overhead, our prices are often at or below the OEM price.

Advanced Aerospace Grade Machining

Production manufacturing is performed by partner companies that have proven track records for quality and timely deliveries. We look for certifications such as ISO-9001 and AS-9100 along with ITAR and GIDEP registrations. Several of the companies we work with regularly supply major aerospace firms and the DOD. Why use outside machining services? So that you get a better part at a better price. By utilizing only the machine cycles we need, and leveraging the superior skills and years of experience, A2Speed can give you exceptional quality at truly affordable prices.

Our company is guided by a set of core values and beliefs

  • We know that we are a community, not a “market”.
  • We recognize that we serve this community at the pleasure of its members.
  • We understand the passions, challenges and rewards that drive the enthusiast.
  • We believe that function drives form, improved performance improves appearance.
  • We know that one company can’t do it all, therefore we value partnerships.

How This Applies to Our Customers

  • We never settle for anything less than perfection.
  • All of our parts are put under intense testing before being released to you
  • You can feel secure because we use both our closest partners and our own cars to test A2Speed’s products
  • Finally we know that just having a great product isn’t enough, thus we strive to offer superior customer service, and the lowest prices. Giving you the best experience possible from start to finish.
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