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Edelbrock E-Force TVS 2650 6.4L HEMI Supercharger Kit

Weight:198.0 lbs
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Installer / Tuner Kit Without Tuning, injectors, or Fuel System - EDE-15174
Street Kit Without Tuner EDE-151720, Add $599.13
Street Kit With Tuner - EDE-15172, Add $1,622.00

Base Price: $6,867.87
Customized Price: $6,867.87

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Edelbrock’s all new 2650 HEMI supercharger kits.

Edelbrock has brought a whole new line of HEMI supercharger kits with their all new Eaton 2650 rotor packs. These are 15% larger than the previous 2300 rotor group. There is no impact to overall supercharger dimensions, meaning that your Edelbrock E-Force supercharger still fits under the stock hood and maintains an OEM style appearance. These new kits also feature improved cooling over the prior setups with Edelbrock DP-3C intercooler. This intercooler has 45% more surface area, giving your HEMI powered vehicle astonishingly low intake air temperatures.

Edelbrock E-Force 6.4L HEMI Roots Type Superchargers

Edelbrock’s E-force 6.4L HEMI supercharger kits deliver incredible horse power and torque while maintaining an OEM level reliability and function. Edelbrock also understands that their superchargers have to fit in the factory engine bay so they made sure to use as few components as possible, ensuring proper fitment while helping overall reliability.

The E-Force Supercharger systems are made in both in “Tuner” and “Street / Complete” kit variations. The complete supercharger kit includes everything you need to bolt your supercharger on your HEMI powered car or truck, and start enjoying it in the same day. The tuner kit is made for professional instillation, and gives you flexibility in regards to parts like your pulleys and intake system.

Eaton TVS 2650 GEN VI Rotor Group

These E-Force 6.4L HEMI superchargers are based on Eaton’s most advanced rotor group ever. This rotor group features a four lobe design with 170° twist. The benefits of having Eaton’s world class rotor group include extremely high airflow, minimum temperature rise, reduced noise, and a large but very manageable power increase.

  • Highly efficient, resulting up to 18% less input power than competing 2.9L blower kits.
  • 15% Larger Rotors generate 25% more power at 14 PSI of boost pressure & 18,000 RPM comparted to the 2300 design.
  • Now features a 170 degree twist vs the 2300’s 160 degree twist.
  • Reduced friction due to new pressure relief ports in the bearing plate.
  • Increased durability with thicker timing gears and larger bearings.

Want to know what an E-Force Supercharger is made of? Check out this video.

Integrated Bypass Valve

Edelbrock wanted to design a blower for the HEMI market that not only provided significant horsepower and torque gains, but one that is also extremely efficient. One of the ways they achieved this was by adding an integrated bypass valve. This Valve helps you get better fuel mileage and eliminate parasitic loss at partial throttle.

Here is a list of features & benefits

  • Everything fits right out of the box, no welding, cutting or grinding
  • Eaton® TVS Rotor assembly
  • Self-contained oil system (no drilling or plumbing required)
  • Electronic PCM programming module, with Stage 1 & Stage 2 application specific tuning
  • High Flow Mass Air Flow Sensor (as needed)
  • Little to no decrease in fuel economy
  • Limited powertrain warranty
  • Unique design allows maximum low end torque and instant throttle response

Check Out Edelbrock’s HEMI Specific E-Force Promo Video

Available in the Following Options.

  • Stage 1 - Street Systems : These systems are emissions legal and provide the best combination for your daily driver.
  • Stage 3 - Professional Tuner Systems : Our Professional Tuner systems include all of the essential components that a racer or tuner would need to build a custom supercharged racing setup. They offer the flexibility of choosing the right pulley, cold air intake, etc. for any custom supercharged installation. For competition racing use only.
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