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Edelbrock Performer RPM GEN III HEMI Heads

EDE-61109, 73cc Bare Cylinder Heads
EDE-61119, 73cc Complete Cylinder Heads, Add $204.00
EDE-61149, Not Yet Available
EDE-61159, Not Yet Available
EDE-61089, Not Yet Available
EDE-61099, Not Yet Available

Base Price: $1,095.87
Customized Price: $1,095.87

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Price is sold as each, 2 required per vehicle. Heads are interchangeable between Passenger & Driver Sides

The Edelbrock RPM Performer heads are designed for moderate to high performance GEN III HEMI builds. These heads will be available both bare and pre-assembled. The bare version will come with valve guides and seats. The complete version will feature 2.165” intake valves, and 1.650” exhaust valves, high lift springs, in addition to the bare heads. Edelbrocks RPM Performer Heads will come in one of three chamber sizes; 67cc, 73cc, and 83cc. Intake and exhaust ports are CNC profiled for increased performance (CNC porting is available at extra cost). The ports are port matched to the 6.4L intake manifold but are compatible with the 5.7L Eagle, 6.1L, and the 6.2L Hellcat Manifolds. Edelbrock's testing demonstrates a 26hp increase over stock on a supercharged application. 

Accessories, and fitment:
  • Valve Covers: OEM or equivalent
  • Gaskets: OEM or equivalent (valve cover gaskets, head gaskets, intake gaskets, and exhaust gaskets)
  • Spark Plugs: OEM or equivalent
  • Exhaust Manifold: OEM or equivalent
  • Rocker Arms / Shaft / Pushrod Assembly: OEM or equivalent (Custom size pushrods may be required based on application)
  • Head Studs / Bolts: OEM or equivalent, ARP Head Studs PN# 244-4300 recommended.


  • Intake Port Volume: 202cc
  • Exhaust Port Volume: 75cc
  • Valve Size: Intake – 2.165”, Exhaust – 1.650”
  • Valve Spring Installed Height: 1.800”
  • Valve Spring Seat Pressure: 130lbs @ 1.800”
  • Valve Spring Open Pressure: 285 lbs @ 1.300” (.500” Lift)
  • Max Valve Lift: .690” (coil bind 1.110”)
  • Replacement Spring PN: 5768

#61149 | #61159: Intake Flow Numbers as tested by Edelbrock's SuperFlo SF-1020 flow bench @ 28" H2O
Valve Lift Stock 5.7L Early Stock 6.1L Stock 6.4L Edelbrock
.100" 71 80 86 82
.200" 134 161 168 165
.300" 192 227 239 251
.400" 233 270 292 308
.500" 256 289 315 335
.600" 258 294 323 345
.700" 261 296 324 348
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