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A2Speed 2006-2019 Billet 85mm/90mm HEMI Throttle Body w/Options

Dimensions:6 x 10 x 10
Weight:8.0 lbs
*Thorttle Body Size  Click here for more information about this option...
90mm, Add $34.00
*Is Your Vehicle Model Year 2006-2012 and Equipped with a VDO Throttle Body?  
Yes, Add Necessary Conversion Harness, Add $34.99
Black, Add $40.00
Polished, Add $125.00

Base Price: $495.99
Customized Price: $495.99

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A2Speed 85mm & 90mm Billet Throttle Body

A2Speed now offers a T6063-T6 aluminum billet, true 85mm or 90mm direct factory replacement throttle body. These throttle bodies feature a brushless motor and are drive by wire. After installing one of our high performance throttle bodies you get the benefits of a larger and higher velocity intake air charge as well as crisper throttle response. Moreover, you get all new OEM internal parts with no core charge. It’s important to use genuine OEM internals to ensure your new throttle body intergrades seamlessly with your HEMI powered car or trucks PCM.

A2Speed engineered our all new HEMI throttle body to give the least possible interference to the intake air flow. Our advanced 3D modeling software allowed us to get an extremely detailed flow analysis on this part. Because of this feature we were able to compare a variety of port designs. The end result is that our throttle body provides the best possible channel for the intake air charge.

Finally the team here at A2Speed knows that your car is a canvas for you to display your unique preferences. Because of this fact we decided to offer our customers custom anodizing options for the throttle body housing and the throttle blade.

*This product may require PCM calibration for optimal performance

*90MM May require additional hardware and gasket.*

Our Port Design

Port Design

Other Port Designs

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1. Todd on 6/13/2018, said:

Customer service is GREAT! The billet 90mm throttle body is night and day better than the BBK 90mm I had. I also had a check engine light with the BBK, but its gone now!
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2. Curt on 6/2/2016, said:

Eric I hit the rollers yesterday. With my 2012 Challenger and your New 85 MM Throttle body. To compare Your 85 MM throttle body to the BBK 85mm I have been running.( It was 90 degrees out at the time of the runs) The BBK made 351.10 HP and 376.03 TQ Your 85MM made 354.38 HP and 383.16 TQ It also feel a bit more responsive to me. Just thought you would like to have an customer review. Thank you Curt.D
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Showing comments 1-10 of 2
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